About me

shelagh gough angels


My name is derived from this Celtic goddess. The sacred woman, the wise one. As a child, I had “ imaginary friends” that no one else could see ... a classic feature of those who have clairvoyant ability.

27 Years Experience

I have written astrology columns in magazines and at one time recorded my own astrology phone-line. I taught astrology including many branches of the subject such as horary and harmonics. I am most intrigued by relationships and the uniqueness of people, so I tend to work from a psychological perspective, which means that I talk to people about their unique style and “way of being” in the world.

Psychic Abilities

These started to develop in my late twenties. I learnt how to interpret cards and how astrology works.
I originally came from a very spiritual family where life beyond this life was accepted and also the existence of angels.