TV spiritual medium

My spiritual name is “AMADAI” which links with elemental tarot the Queen of swords and “Ama” mother goddess or moon. “Dai” is derived from the belief that light and spirit are one. Amadai is also a medieval angelic name meaning the earth in spring.

The Queen of Swords is realistic and pragmatic; she is a loyal friend and determined ally. She has wings to lift her mind above her earthly problems. She bears a third eye of intuition, a sixth sense of wisdom. Butterflies symbolizing change after incubation fly around her. She has been through hard times and has become stronger; she is able to cut through illusions with clarity.

The Queen of Swords presents us with a feminine image that has discovered her strength and wisdom through the trials she has borne in her life. Experience and life learned through difficult, painful lessons have seasoned her expectations.

I believe that it takes more than one lifetime to learn everything we need to learn. I am currently very interested in world mythology and legends and I have studied the original meanings of many fairy tales … I sometimes use these in my readings as illustrations of how we can improve our lives and happiness levels.